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Zigbee2MQTT tips and tricks


With these zigbee2mqtt tip and tricks zigbee2mqtt you will get the most out of it

Get a good antenna to increase your range

Make sure you have a good stick.

The CC2531 stick only support 20 devices. Use a zig-a-zig-ah! or Slaesh’s CC2652RB stick.

Use coordinators

The Ikea Ikea tradfri ones are very good coordinators. You can even update those via Zigbee2mqtt.

Update your devices.

You can update ikea devices trough zigbee2mqtt. But for other devices you need to update them via the orginal hub of that device

Enable the webinterface

When you enable this you get a good map overview over your devices. You can enable this in the configuration.yaml change this:
port: 8080

Update Zigbee2mqtt

The Zigbee2mqtt community is very active. Make sure you update once a month. Update Zigbee2mqtt

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